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CEG’s Work Lauded at AIDS 2012

Community Education Group kicked off AIDS 2012 reveling in the aftermath of a visit to CEG headquarters by U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, on July 16. Not only did Secretary Sebelius talk to CEG staff about some of the organization’s successes in the past year, but she publicly applauded CEG’s efforts during the AIDS 2012 Opening Session July 22. Read more....

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'Income inequality' or poor?

Lately, I've been thinking about the term 'income inequality.' If you turn on one of the cable news channels, you can't help but hear it. I even looked it up to make sure I truly understood it. What I realized is that 'income inequality' is one of those terms that we use to replace a word or phrase that makes us uncomfortable to talk about. Sort of like using the term 'urban radio' to describe a...continue reading

February 18, 2014

Where We’re Testing

Download Our Pocket Sized Vaccine Brochure!

Community Education Group has developed a new pocket sized vaccine brochure.  Download it here!

AIDS 2012 Opening Session

"The very first time I came to the organization I didn't know what to expect. I gotten a lot of good information about coping with being aggressive also I've learned more about HIV/AIDS I really enjoyed my session and the instructor."

SISTA participant