Community Education Group

Building Stronger Communities - One Project at a Time


Community Education Group’s “CHAMPS” training program recruits, trains and hires individuals who are indigenous to the local community and recently released persons to conduct HIV counseling testing and outreach services. CHAMPS are enrolled in 375 classroom training program and field practicum hours. Participants in the CHAMPS training program receive training in HIV certification and Outreach methods, as well as training in several HIV prevention interventions. Applicants accepted into the program receive an hourly rate while participating in the training portion of the program and are given temporary positions as outreach staff with Community Education Group. Everyone who completes the program has a skill set that can be used at HIV prevention agencies citywide and are linked to these providers for potential job placement. Through the CHAMPS program Community Education Group seeks to create both employment opportunities and to increase the number of new voices in the fight against HIV/AIDS.