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Heart Truth

CEG participated in the nationwide Heart Truth program, educating women in our community about the risks of heart disease. In addition to distributing 500 “Heart Truth for Women” brochures DC’s Ward 7 and 8 neighborhoods, CEG’s CHAMPS had 426 individual conversations with members of our community. Based on a survey they conducted during these conversations by the end 89% learned risk factors, 90% understood risk factors and 86% made the decision to take action after their conversation.

The result: over 350 members of our underserved community not only learned about their risk for heart disease, they decided to take action to prevent it.

While handing out pamphlets undoubtedly also had an impact, these conversations promoted real change and real action. Through the Heart Truth program, CHAMPS were trained in how to spread the message about heart disease effectively, and they clearly did so.

The training, and our work to fight heart disease in our community, did not end with our participation in this program. Now, armed with the Heart Truth, our CHAMPS continue to discuss the facts of heart disease with their families, with CEG’s clients, and throughout our high risk community. And, we believe, so will the more than 400 people they reached.