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Our Programs

From outreach and education work to creating replicable, peer-empowering programs, Community Education strives to build our community from the ground up. And we do so by reaching thousands of individuals each year. Below are brief summaries of our current programs – follow the links or contact us directly to learn more.

Road to AIDS 2012

As the XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) prepares to return to the United States for the first time in 20 years, the Community Education Group and the Urban Coalition for HIV/AIDS Prevention Services are planning a series of community mobilizing events in 15 U.S. cities in the lead up to AIDS 2012. The events will heighten public awareness of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, AIDS 2012 and future changes in health service delivery in America. For more information, click here.

Testing, Linkage to Care (CTR)

Our primary program at CEG is outreach and testing – every day in the community and at our main office. For every individual who tests preliminary positive via our rapid oral test, we immediately strive to link that individual to confirmatory testing and treatment. For more information, click here.


Our 90 day CHAMPS program gives at-risk individuals valuable skills as community health workers and HIV/AIDS testers, training them to provide valuable health information to members of their own community. Nearly all our outreach staff graduated from this program, continuing to work tirelessly in their communities to stem the tide of the epidemic. Find out more

Condom Distribution

CEG distributes condoms to over 170 locations across the city, keeping customers safe and helping stop this epidemic. For more information – including where to find condoms and how to supply them, click here.


Our SISTA program empowers women to tackle the challenges in their lives and become leaders in their communities. Find out more

The Heart Truth

CEG’s Heart Truth outreach campaign reached over 500 women with information about preventing heart disease – learn more of the risks of heart disease in the Black community here.


our AA and NA group meetings, held on site, allow us to be more active in promoting a healthier community.

Peer Navigation

Our proposed peer counseling program will allow HIV positive peers navigate the current healthcare system. More information coming soon.

Capacity Building

Community Education Group has extensive experience providing capacity building and technical assistance to non profits in the DC area and across the country – assistance ranging from HIV trainings to seminars on grant writing and financial planning. Learn more here.

Media Development

CEG produces and distributes health informational brochures and videos to other non profits as well as directly to the community at health events. For more information and copies of our pamphlets, click here.


Understanding that healthcare is just one aspect of maintaining a healthy life, we link our clients to services from food and housing assistance to job training. Need a referral? Click here.


CEG also conducts research to always make sure we’re doing our best to create innovative – and effective – programming, relevant to our community. For examples of our work, click here [link]

For more information about our work, and programs currently in the works, check out our calendar and blog.