Community Education Group

Building Stronger Communities - One Project at a Time


Community Education Group understands the importance of research in the development of viable programs and policies that reflect the needs and concerns of the communities they are designed to help. With this understanding, CEG has striven to develop a research program that examines the issues of Black women, their families and communities articulated by the African American communities affected and infected by this disease. Our goal is to ask and answer critical health related questions of the communities that we represent and serve in a manner that is culturally consistent and most reflective of the concerns and needs as expressed by the community. Once assessed, the information gathered is then synthesized and used to inform the development of new and innovative programs; to develop appropriate presentations and publications for academic, government and funding audiences; and most importantly – used to inform the direction of program development and advocacy. Our interest include continuous assessments of topics such as HIV risk taking behaviors; knowledge assessments on topics such as HIV prevention, HIV vaccines and microbicides, and clinical trials; and assessments of facilitators/ barriers to HIV prevention behaviors, treatment adherence, clinical trial participation; and many other topics as dictated by our advisory boards and constituents. Further, our research program and questions are concerned with identifying the specific needs of communities with unique concerns such as ex-offenders and their social networks; substance abusers; young adults (17-24); and other high risk communities.

Most recently, Executive Director A. Toni Young co-authored the article Fighting HIV/AIDS In Washington, D.C. which appeared in the November/December 2009 issue of Health Affairs.