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Live Positive

"CEG has given me a chance to give back, especially to other positive women. They learn their status, and I lead them into care." 

J’Mia Edwards
HIV Outreach Tester

Live Positive

HIV is not a death sentence. With proper care and treatment, you can live a long and healthy life. Along the way, it’s important you have more than medical support, click here for resources on how to live a positive life.

J’Mia’s Story

In 2005, J’Mia tested positive for HIV– and within three years she had progressed to AIDS. With three young children, J’Mia moved to DC aiming to find a way to live with her diagnosis and provide for her two boys and little girl. With persistence, she not only got the assistance she needed, she became an advocate for the rights of all HIV positive people in the district. In 2009, the Washington Post called her "the public face of AIDS in the District" for her work drawing attention to the inadequate housing for people living with HIV/AIDS. And the acclaimed documentary, The Other City, features J’Mia prominently.

Featured in articles from POZ to the Body, we are proud that J’Mia is a member of our outreach team, telling her story, testing people for HIV and educating everyone about the facts.