We are excited to invite you to participate in the Invisible to Invincible (I2I) Initiative, a transformative multiple-day event that centers on the health and healing of masculine-of-center African American/Black women and the people who love them. This year, the I2I Initiative will be embedded in the Black Pride Festivals of DC, Dallas, and Atlanta, creating a unique opportunity to celebrate, educate, and empower our communities.

Masculine-of-center Black women are often overlooked and underserved in our society, facing numerous challenges when accessing quality healthcare and support. Black, LGBTQ+ women are more likely to have jobs that do not provide health insurance coverage and have poorer health outcomes in almost every area. For example, fewer than 40% of the 450 oncologists surveyed said they were adequately equipped or informed to treat a cancer patient who identifies as LGBTQ+. I2I aims to change this narrative by providing a safe and inclusive space for this community to gather, heal, and thrive.


Throughout the event, participants will have the chance to engage in a range of activities, including workshops, seminars, and panel discussions, all designed to foster greater understanding and awareness of the unique needs of this community. We’ll explore topics such as mental health, physical wellness, and the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality, to equip attendees with the tools and resources they need to live their best lives.

But we can’t do this alone. We need your support to make the I2I Initiative a success. Whether you can attend the event, volunteer your time, share on social media, or make a donation, every contribution helps us to create a more equitable and inclusive world for everyone.

Join us for this incredible journey of healing, learning, and growth. Let’s work together to make sure that all members of our community are seen, heard, and valued.

I2I includes: 

  • A daylong Women’s Health and Healing Expo featuring education and screenings on the importance of mammography, annual pap smears, PReP use, and colorectal screenings for those over 45. Our team of healthcare professionals will also provide education and information on important healthcare and access issues around screening, prevention, and treatment, as well as behavioral health (substance use disorder, intimate partner violence). 
  • Our evening showcase with A-level talent, a destination inside the destination, is designed to draw high participation and provide memorable entertainment. 
  • Our Gospel Brunch will be an inspiring opportunity to engage with a welcoming faith community for healing. 


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