Syndemic Summit

Our first annual Syndemic Summit will be held May 19-21 2024 in White Sulphur Springs. The intention of this summit is to identify sustainable solutions to the HIV, hepatitis, and overdose syndemic across Appalachia as a united region as well as discussing other issues that impact rural communities such as workforce development, job readiness, and regional collaboration.
Key areas of focus will include:
  • Integrated Approaches to Syndemic Issues:
    • Emphasize breaking down silos in testing, prevention (including PrEP), and treatment by integrating health policy and service responses.
    • Promote a unified front against HIV, hepatitis, and overdose syndemics, fostering collaboration among healthcare providers, policymakers, and community organizations.
  • Opioid Settlement Funding:
    • Mobilize discussions around best practices for utilizing opioid settlement funds in the 13 Appalachian states.
    • Encourage collaboration between states to share successful strategies for utilizing settlement funds effectively.
  • Economic Infrastructure and Income Equity:
    • Discuss and develop plans for investing in economic infrastructure to create new job opportunities and training programs
    • Identify pathways for income equity to uplift communities in the region.
  • Proactive Health Agenda:
    • Forge a proactive health agenda to combat health disparities related to substance use, including preventive measures like PrEP/PEP and HIV testing.
    • Encourage the adoption of evidence-based practices to reduce overdose deaths and improve health outcomes.
Regionnal collaboration is a key aspect of this summit and we are excited to be co-hosting this event with: AIDS Alabama, ETSU Addiction Science Center, Harm Reduction Ohio, Kentucky Rural Health Association, Maryland Rural Health Association, NC AIDS Action Network, Community Liver Alliance, Prisma Health, Southern AIDS Coalition, Virginia Rural Health Association, WV Rural Health Association, WV Drug Intervention Institute and West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine.
Any questions about the event, including sponsorship requests, can be directed to